Kind of a lazy day

A nice thing happened today. I was at Wal-Mart buying toiletries and soda (and considering buying a camisole, but I put it back) when my cell phone rang.

“Hello, is Heather Meadows available?”

“This is she.”

“Hello, this is so-and-so with WJBF.”

The TV station? What, did I apply for a job there?

“You registered on our website…”

Ah, so it was a job.

“…to win two tickets to the Summerville Tour of Homes.”

…Oh. Oh! “Oh yeah! Yes, I did.”

“Well, you won!”


So that’s pretty cool. The Summerville Tour of Homes takes place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and apparently you get to tour some old homes with traditional architectural features. I’ve never been, but it looks neat. I’m going to be all touristy and take pictures. (I haven’t really taken many pictures lately…) Mari’s having a pumpkin carving party on Sunday, so I’ll hit up the Tour of Homes on Saturday. Brooke has graciously agreed to accompany me. :)

While I was at Wal-Mart, I picked up the widescreen version of Batman Begins, the one that comes with the bonus DVD with 2 episodes of The Batman. I watched the second DVD when I got home; it was a two-parter about Clayface–“The Rubber Face of Comedy” and “The Clay Face of Tragedy”. (Hey, given what happened in the episodes, I totally see what they did there, with the titles. Nifty.) The funny thing about this DVD is the art on the back of the package…it’s got a huge Batman looming over a big building, scowling, his spiky fingers reaching out towards a much smaller, rather vulnerable-looking Clayface. Good episodes, all told, though I really wish they’d gotten Mark Hamill to be the Joker.

When Sean got home, he and I played TextTwist together for awhile. I didn’t plan on that; I just opened the game because I was bored, and he started chiming in. We did pretty well :)

And those are pretty much the big events of the day.

Tomorrow I’m going to head downtown to pick up my tickets, and I’ll meet up with Brooke for lunch. And on Friday, after Brooke gets off work, we’ll meet up to walk like we did on Tuesday, and then we’re going to come back here and eat teriyaki stir-fry chicken and vegetables with rice and watch Kyou Kara Maou. The rest of the week is looking pretty fun. I’m really looking forward to it :)