Kung fu!

I’m finally catching up on Justin Klein’s blog. While he usually (at least for most of the past year) writes about life in Kyoto, this summer he took a whirlwind tour of Asia. I’ve only just now gotten to this post, wherein Justin describes a show he saw in Beijing entitled “The Legend of Kung Fu”.

Just stop and think for a moment about how awesome that is.

While far more commercialized than the Thai boxing matches I saw on the streets of Chiang Mai, The Legend of Kung Fu was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. The basic storyline of this highly choreographed production followed the training of a monk on his quest to become a Kung Fu master, demonstrations including everything from the various animal styles to weapons to “iron body” demonstrations where a guy would place his full weight on the tips of spears that had just been used to slice fruit, bending them with his bare skin.

I’m soooo jealous. It’s too bad Justin’s camera wasn’t able to capture more of the action.