Moods and favors

I left my laptop on its desk in the bedroom all day today. I, on the other hand, spent my time sitting on the couch, watching TV. I watched Boy Meets World, Kim Possible, Full House, a little of The Price Is Right, Hercules (the Disney movie), and The Batman. Later, Reid very kindly drove me over to Robert and Julia’s house (my former boss and his wife of four days) to pick up a TV and stereo that they decided to give to me and Sean. After very kindly wrestling the items into the back of his massive custom diesel truck, Reid very kindly drove them (and me) to Audrey’s house, as she’d offered to store them for me. (Audrey used to work at Smoak’s, then came to 2go-Box after they closed.)

I keep saying that Reid “very kindly” did these things, not only because it was kind of him to do so, very kind, but also because he didn’t seem to be quite in the mood for it. Sean gets the same way…I call it sulking when Sean does it, but I’m not about to use that kind of word to describe my father-in-law. Suffice it to say that I started to feel very badly about asking him to do it, so I thanked him several times, and of course did my best to help wherever I could.

Ultimately, it worked out okay. We finished our errand and made it home, and Cheryl and Sean appeared shortly with KFC, so Reid didn’t have to cook. Then Reid got to watch his TV for awhile, which I know he likes to do to unwind.

So everything’s okay. It’s just that I am highly sensitive to moods, and typically unable to “fix” a bad one, so I get anxious. Being married to Sean is helping temper that (when he’s in a bad mood, I’ve learned it’s best to just lay low until it blows over), but I have a long way to go.

Now I’m just relaxing, reading, chatting, and pondering getting some ice cream…