Random thoughts

They did something interesting on The Price is Right just now.

A woman had to guess numbers. All numbers from 0 to 9 were distributed among the prices of three different items. Whichever item’s price she filled in first, she got to keep.

The items were: a piggy bank with the amount of money in the price; a Ford Focus; and a giant American flag.

She ended up winning the flag, which cost 200-some-odd dollars.

I don’t know, I just felt funny about the whole thing. Like there seemed to be some sort of implied statement in her disappointment about winning the flag. But really, anyone would be disappointed, because obviously you’d want the car.

I guess I just find the choice of the “consolation prize” a little disturbing.

In other news, there’s a reddish brown bird in Cheryl and Reid’s backyard who flies into the patio door all the freaking time. I guess he thinks the living room is part of the yard, and can’t figure out why he can’t just come in. This isn’t the extreme kind of divebombing that breaks a bird’s neck, mind you…this is fluttering up against the glass like a butterfly. Only the bird is huge, so it’s very noisy. Not to mention weird.