Too cute

There’s another Art Lad up. As you all know, I adore the writing of children. (I rather wish Connor had a blog, but you know.) This post had me oohing and awwing like an absolute ninny.

What made it especially fun were the Magazine Man references that only people who read MM can truly appreciate. Par exemple:

Dad writes all day and sometimes all night. He says it is the only thing he is good at and he tells really good stories. He says people gave him money for writing and that’s how he bought our whole house and everything inside it except the stuff Grandma and Papa send us.

That was totally precious. But then I got to the end…and one of the best in-jokes ever.

Want to see more?

I will tell you later…

(Dad said to put dots at the end. That means you have to wait)


Evil! Evil! I about died laughing.