Yesterday, after having a nice lunch with someone who is entirely too happy (which is cute for the first few hours or so ;>), I went over to 2go-Box to hang out with Audrey and pick up my check for a recent project. I decided to deposit it at the Washington Road/Davis Road Wachovia so I could get a smoothie at R. Gabriel’s. Then I decided that hey, since I was right down the street, I’d go take a look at Springhouse.

Here’s where our apartment used to be!

no more 2309

And here’s how it looks from the front. That sidewalk led to the breezeway and the staircase.

hmm, wasn't there a building there?

According to the sign, the demo was done by…Home Depot. Yeah, I didn’t know they did that kind of thing, either!

Here’s a side view.

apartment foundation

There are two different heights because the floors in the building were staggered. You can tell how it worked by the doors in the building that apparently didn’t have to be demo’d.

There were some high security storage bins sitting in the parking lot. I held out hope that they had debris in them and I could somehow get inside and rummage and find my hard drives (yes, I am pathetic), but ultimately I discovered that they were unlocked and empty.

See more pictures of the post-demolition Springhouse in the fire gallery.