Email "postcard" virus

I assume it’s a virus…I’ve not been stupid enough to actually click the link. It’s typically an email claiming to be from “” or something similar, with a subject like “You just received a postcard from a friend !”

I just got another one. It’s supposed to look like this:

You can pick up your postcard at the following web address:.

But note that the code actually looks like this:

<p align=”left”><font color=”#FF0000″ size=”2″ face=”Verdana”>You can pick up your postcard at the following web address:</font></p><p align=”left”><font color=”#FFFFFF” size=”2″ face=”Verdana”>.</font></p><p align=”left”><font size=”3″ face=”Verdana”><A href=”” target=_blank><strong></strong></A></font></p>

(Emphasis added.)

Sneaky, aren’t they? A lot of the time you can’t tell where a link is going in your email client until you click on it…