First Canal trek with Yuuri

Yesterday I headed over to the Augusta Canal trail for some biking. I rode from the headgates to the pumping station without stopping at about 12 mph average, then relaxed on my way back, stopping frequently for pictures.


I was interested to see that the construction at the Waterworks is done. Now there’s a nice paved trail above the paved parking/work area for the pumping station. It looks pretty nice.

Augusta Waterworks

I tried this time for some interesting depth of field (DOF) shots by using the manual focus. I was marginally successful.

red flowers and vines

battered leaves

The headgates waterfall was barely a trickle, and the river was low. There was a woman standing out on the exposed rocks, fishing. I got a few pictures of her.

woman fishing

I also took the opportunity to take some nice pictures of Yuuri.


All in all, I’m fairly happy with these photos. I’d been feeling lately like I’d just been phoning it in, so on this trip I took my time and seriously tried to get good shots. That the pictures didn’t all turn out the way I’d hoped just means I have more to learn :)