Good gifts

Here’s a site with some great gifts for those in need. Where else will you find products such as “PLANT A QUARTER ACRE SWAMP”, “CLEAR 10 SQUARE METRES OF MINEFIELD” or “ESTABLISH A BEEKEEPING CO-OPERATIVE”? A lot of these are highly affordable.

I found this site via BoingBoing, which linked to Good Gifts’ “Swords into Ploughshares” products:

Peace is paying dividends in Sierra Leone. The same civil war that depleted the country of tools and work is now providing ample raw material for recovery: weapons. Enterprising blacksmiths and metal workers convert them into farm implements so that a Kalashnikov becomes hoes and axe heads and a rocket launcher transforms into pickaxes, sickles and even school bells.

You can buy them a Kalashnikov, a rocket launcher, a small armored vehicle, or a tank. (The picture on that page is great!)

Here’s what you get if you give a Good Gift:

As well as a warm glow, you will get a silver-coloured keepsake card (to send or keep) bearing a light-hearted description of the gift. If you are buying for a more sombre occasion let us know and we’ll send a more appropriate card.

This organization sounds pretty neat.