Harry Potter

I watched the first two films shortly after we moved into Cheryl and Reid’s house. Last night I bought the third one at Target and watched it while the new Smallville was on (I was trying to avoid the temptation to spoil the story for myself). It was interesting to me, all three times, to note the differences between the movies and the books. Now that I have read the books so many times, they’re easier to spot.

I’ve mentioned previously that I have no problem with remakes, and even with taking a new direction with established characters and storylines. The Harry Potter movies make an attempt to follow the books, and really only make changes for the sake of brevity and cinematography. I imagine that quite a bit of story will be left out of Goblet of Fire, which I will be watching in approximately one hour.


Seeing Azkaban again was enjoyable. When I saw it in the theater, the people I was with didn’t care for it much, and that always tempers my enjoyment of a movie. I really prefer to watch a movie with people who are going to enjoy it, because if I like it and they don’t I’m always second-guessing my experience. Last night I watched it by myself and liked it very much.

I’m hoping that will be the case with Goblet of Fire, which is my favorite Harry Potter story to date. That’s not why I’m going to the movie alone, though; Brooke doesn’t like going to movies on opening day, and I’m pretty sure Mari and Kelly have their own plans to see it. (Plus, as far as I know none of them can see it at 10 am on a Friday ;>)

Now, off I go to wolf down some cereal before heading to the theater :)