I have a very bad feeling about this

Okay, so, Kyou Kara Maou 54 and 55.

(Wish I could screencap, but ever since Sean nuked ffdshow I haven’t even been able to watch avis in WMP or WinAmp, and the DivX Player isn’t cooperating…)

Anyway, a mysterious guy rises out of the dust on the top of a mountain and says, “The time has come.” He then turns a poor scavenging man into a monster, and the monster goes and terrorizes human villages (in a straight line along a highway) until Yuuri comes and stops him.

Well, actually, until Yuuri learns to overcome his fear and control Morgif.

At the end, the mysterious robed figure seems to be pleased, and Murata senses his presence.

Is it the Shinou, reborn (if only briefly)?

Was that carnage and death simply to train the Maou?

Why did Murata say, “Could that power possibly mean there is no more time left?”

What, exactly, is the horror that he’s expecting?

The plot, once again, thickens.

(Side note: the Shinou and the Great Sage are hot. I really, really wish I could screencap…)