Hitting us while we’re down

Sean was in a car accident today. Thankfully, he is fine.

The car took a lot of damage, though. It’s currently over at the Toyota dealer. The radiator was damaged, so the car might be a total loss. We don’t know yet.

Fortunately, insurance will mostly pay for a rental car, so we should still be able to go to Kentucky as planned.

Here’s some irony for you. Sean used to have this bad habit of never answering his cell phone. He’d leave it in the bedroom and stay in the office and never hear it ring. I always used to think, “What if I get in a car wreck or something and I can’t get a hold of him?”

Well, guess what?

I’m not sure exactly what I was doing when he called me four times, but I didn’t even notice I had missed any calls until hours later in Wal-Mart.