Info dump

I want a piano.

I made pancakes this morning. They were even better than the ones Cheryl makes–though, to be fair, I did use more syrup today.

Brooke and I are going shopping.

Anybody know of any software that works similarly to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? Hmm, that wasn’t very informational.

OC Remix rules.

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! (via Japundit.)

I love to sing, and hear my voice fill up a room.

I used to have a video called “To Noelle from Heather”. I made it when I was a freshman in high school, I think (sometime after Noelle moved away), but I never sent it. It was really neat; it showed what my room looked like back then (full of stuff, but very organized) and it had “interviews” with my family members (I recall that Ben was watching a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, and I commented about how much Hanna-Barbera cartoons sucked). We were between dogs at the time (I showed pictures of Smitty and Toby that I’d stuck on my bulletin board), but we still had parakeets, so there was video of them, too. Towards the end I just babbled on and on about my life, and unfortunately I hadn’t set the camera up properly so when I zoomed it in, it only got my chin and chest…for like twenty minutes, or however long I rambled.

I loved that video because it was like a snapshot of my teenage life. Of course, it was in the apartment :>

I have eaten chocolate every day for weeks now. I think I’m addicted.