Tonight Sean and I went out to eat at Nagasaki Inn on Redding Road. They have hibachi tables and regular tables, and a huge menu. We were going to have hibachi until we saw the prices; we decided if we were going to spend that much we might as well have sushi.

I had way too much food miso soup; salad with ginger dressing; Maguro Yamakake, raw tuna in a paste of mountain yam (the tuna was excellent and the yam was gloopy and almost tasteless, resulting in a very interesting and somewhat refreshing sensation); katsudon; a piece each of unagi and salmon nigiri; and hot tea. Sean had miso soup, a shrimp tempura appetizer, two Philly rolls, a roll with shrimp and crab meat covered in roe, and a coke.

After all that incredibly delicious food, I wanted some red bean ice cream to soothe my palate. Imagine my surprise when a parfait/sundae concoction arrived: red bean ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cashews, raisins, and chocolate-dipped pretzels. Boy oh boy was it good. Sean loved it too.

We stopped by Hibari Market next door briefly before dinner, and I picked up two packages of Golden Curry, as I can never seem to find it in Augusta. (I think the only place that carried it was Winn-Dixie, which of course is gone now.)