North Augusta Greeneway Trail System Rules and Regulations

Mari linked to a pdf of the new rules for Greeneway use that were adopted on September 19, 2005 via the City of North Augusta Resolution No. 2005-19. I was going to copy all the rules and put them here, but the pdf was made like a photocopy and I can’t select text. Alas. (OCR, motherfucker! Do you speak it?)

So, just in case the official pdf goes the way of the dodo, I’m hosting a copy here. Some highlights:

Use of headphones is discouraged.

D’oh! Not that I have an mp3 player anymore…but I was kind of hoping to get another one and load it up with Japanese language practice files. (Or the audio only of Kyou Kara Maou episodes…)

Walk no more than two abreast.

I’ve been guilty of breaking this one, but then again I think it’s a good rule; there’s less congestion that way.

Cyclists must ride in single file.


Maintain control of bikes, skates and boards.

As I wondered over on Mari’s blog, does this mean I can’t ride hands-free anymore? I really enjoy doing that; I’ll miss it if I’m not supposed to do it. I am in control when I ride like that, and if I’m too close to people I always grab the handlebars, but maybe it makes people nervous regardless…

All in all I imagine the rules are pretty fair. (It seems that neither Brooke nor Mari has a bell on her bike…for shame!)

Check out the list of “expressly prohibited” activities at the end of the file :)