We’re here

We got here at around 3:30 this morning, safe and sound. The Plymouth Torrent we rented handles well and rides comfortably, though it would have been nice to have better shocks (or something) during the more bumpy parts of the trip. I-75 was (as always) under construction, but the biggest delay we had was a huge backup on I-20 not too far from Augusta; Sean guessed that a tractor trailer had rolled, but we never actually saw what had caused the slowdown.

Before we left I made lunch out of last night’s Christmas dinner leftovers: roast beef sandwiches from the roast, potato pancakes from the mashed potatoes, and peas on the side (which Sean didn’t eat). It was pretty good. For dinner we stopped at a Taco Bell just on the north side of Atlanta, and I tried the spicy chicken burritos and the fiesta potatoes. They were delicious!

We filled up at Sean’s default truck stop, a huge BP at the Ooltewah exit in Tennessee, and had our last bathroom break of the trip. Then we rode for about four and a half more hours, until finally we made it to Lexington.

Coming in to Nicholasville, Sean was as surprised as I was last time to see the ginormous Lowe’s that has opened up on 165. “That’s terrible,” he said. Convenient for Mom, though, I suppose :>

Everyone was, as expected, asleep when we got here. We dragged in our things and got settled (I like to have everything just so), and finally fell into bed.

This morning I got up at around 10. I spent the morning in my new pajamas (a Christmas present from Cheryl and Reid), finishing wrapping my cookie-presents for everyone and putting them under the tree, then cleaning up the kitchen for Mom. AJ came over to get some work done and then went to run errands, and I finally took my shower and got dressed.

Grandma and Uncle Steve are coming by later to visit, though they said they wouldn’t stay for dinner. I have cookies for both of them; their cards, unfortunately, are in the mail, and I have no idea when they will arrive. (Probably next Tuesday ;P) Tonight we’re having Uncle Steve’s chili, cornbread, and chips.

Christmas gift exchange with the brothers and their families will be tomorrow, and tomorrow will also be the big family dinner. We’re having turkey and beef roast, whipped potatoes, sausage balls, corn casserole, broccoli casserole, cheesecake, etc. All the girls are bringing a dish or two. (Obviously, I’m making the corn casserole…)

Christmas Day, everyone will spend Christmas at their own homes (and Santa will visit Connor and Logan).

On the 26th, I should be seeing my Uncle Jeff and his girlfriend Mavis, who now live in South Carolina. I haven’t met Mavis yet, so that will be nice. (Their card is also in the mail!)

And on the 27th, we’ll be driving home. Back to the grind. :>

Sean and Heather, Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas :)