Yay for Deke

56% of the vote.

A very happy Mr. Copenhaver said he would definitely run for a four-year term next year.

“I’m extremely excited. It’s a mandate for change in Augusta. I firmly feel there are brighter days ahead for Augusta, and we will move forward together as a united community.”

Mr. Copenhaver’s campaign manager, Tim Moses, said Tuesday’s vote showed that people are fed up with the way things have been going in city government and want Augusta to be better.

Former U.S. Rep. Doug Barnard, who had encouraged Mr. Copenhaver, 37, to run, urged Augustans to support the new mayor.

“He was destined to win,” Mr. Barnard said. “He had the fire, the determination and the intellect. If Augusta will get behind him, he will be a success. He will be depending on the citizens of Augusta.”

I know this is old news (like, from, *gasp*, Tuesday), but I just realized I hadn’t said anything on my blog about it :>