A nice time with friends

Today Brooke and I met up at the Activities Center at the Greeneway and went around the walking path. I’d never done it before. It’s a lot shorter than the Greeneway proper, and near the Activities Center there’s this awesome water fountain:

maybe it used to be an ash can?  I don't know

After that we headed towards the golf course, intending to head down the river side of the Greeneway and see if anything new is going on with Hammond’s Ferry. However, when we got to the new soccer field that’s being built, we decided to follow the sidewalk alongside it to see where it led. We ended up hiking down rough trails through the forest, spotting deer tracks and awesome soft yellow grass in swirls, until we realized we’d walked in a big U and were back at the soccer park. Like a moron, I didn’t take pictures of any of it.

We headed back towards the Activities Center; Mari had called and wanted to join us, and she would be done with her workout inside soon. So we waited for her on the hillside beside the center, and while we waited we chatted and looked into the sky and I took some pictures.

birds and clouds

Then Mari appeared, and Brooke took this picture, which is rather frightening:

bizarro Mari and me

And all three of us headed back the way Brooke and I had originally gone, this time making it down to the river. We stopped at the boat dock for pictures before turning around to come back.

sunset over Sibley Mill

Mari and Brooke

It was a nice walk. I really enjoyed being with both of them. We talked about all the usual stuff you might expect girlfriends to talk about. It was cool :)