Biking madness

Today I got off work a little early (ran out of things to do), so when I got home I quickly planned dinner, then changed my shirt and carted my bike out to the car. The weather was beautiful–cool but not cold–and I had to ride.

I decided to go to the Greeneway. I don’t really know why, but I just wasn’t in a Canal mood. I parked at the golf course, taking the very last available space. (There would have been one more if some idiot hadn’t parked across two spots.) Then I headed up the old Greeneway, through the tunnel, and over the new bridge that looks out over the Hammond’s Ferry construction. Still no buildings (that I can see).

I kept up a good pace (well, about 10 mph) the whole way up to Pisgah Road. Better yet, I didn’t stop until I got there. Even better still, once I got to Pisgah Road, I lingered for maybe 15 seconds to stretch and take a drink of water, and then I turned right back around and headed back. On my way back I averaged 15 mph (it’s more downhill, so I was able to go into third gear).

And here’s the kicker: I didn’t stop all the way back!

The ride was 52 minutes total, for 10.5 miles. I didn’t realize how tired my legs were until I got into my car. The maneuver almost deposited me on the ground. ;>