I got the worst night’s sleep ever last night.

Sean’s on his 1 to 10 pm shift this week. Lately he’s been taking his laptops into the other room out of consideration for me, but tonight we were planning on watching some Smallville season 4 (it finally arrived! wh00t!), so he brought them back into the bed. However, he got involved doing…something, I don’t exactly know what, and time kept passing, and finally I decided to just go to sleep so I could get up in the morning.

Sean stayed in the room, so I had to contend with the sound of his typing and occasional chuckling, and the light of two bright LCDs.

Ah, misery.

This morning when the alarm woke me at 6:45 I did not want to get up, but when I went to reset it for 7 (or 7:30 even) I remembered the thermometer, and dutifully put it in my mouth and snuggled back under the covers. It takes its sweet time to come to a temperature reading. When it finally started beeping, I forced myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

After recording my basal body temperature (97.15 today; it was 97.2something yesterday and 96.91 the day before), I went to take my medicine. I’m currently on thyroid and blood pressure medication. The blood pressure medicine comes in pills that are twice my daily dose, because it’s cheaper, so I bite them in half when I take them. (I used to have a nifty little pill cutter, but, you know.) This morning the pill half I was going to take slipped out of my hand, and I heard it skitter away on the floor.

The problem was, I couldn’t find it.

Normally when you drop something, you will eventually catch sight of it again…especially if there’s nothing on the floor but your feet and a rug. But the pill wasn’t anywhere. I looked and looked. I even raked my temperature chart under some of the seams between the floor and the paneling/door/counter, but to no avail. I have no idea where that pill went.

What a pain.

When I went to take my shower, I discovered that my towel was wet. I don’t know what this means. Sean might have shaved late last night and used it to wipe off, but it seemed too wet for that. So maybe Reid used it for his shower last night.

I bought those purple towels for me, damn it!

I finally just went and got the other purple towel, because I don’t like using towels after other people.

Work hasn’t exactly gone smoothly this morning, either; I’m having trouble finding my focus. Which explains this blog post ;P

Oh well. Time to try and get my day on track.