Honeymoon photos

The picture in my last post came from our honeymoon photos, which I have uploaded here. Bear in mind that they have not been preserved in their original size, but I think the quality is okay for viewing at least. [I was able to pull the full size photos from PhotoWorks! Yay!] I spent a few hours captioning and tagging them and wishing desperately that I had the rest of them. I took so many pictures on that trip; these 52 are just the ones I uploaded to PhotoWorks because I wanted to make prints to put in an album. I’m glad I was at least able to recover that much, but it still hurts to think of pictures I know I took and have lost forever. I can still see a lot of them in my mind…

Anyway, I originally selected these for prints because I was proud of how they turned out, so you might enjoy them as well. This was of course back in my “point and shoot” era, so don’t expect anything fancy like yesterday’s shots ;>

Sean at Himeji Castle


plum blossoms