I don’t think my waking hours match the world’s

Yesterday I got up freakishly early and came in an hour early to work.

Today I got up freakishly late and came in an hour late to work.

(“Early” and “late” are just based on my usual time, 8:00, because technically I can work whenever I want. Earlier is better because that means I have more daylight hours to do things I want to do, but it also means if I want to stay up late like a normal person I end up overtiring myself.)

I’d like to see what hours I’d keep if I could go to sleep when I was tired and get up when I wasn’t tired anymore. I’m guessing there would be patterns, but I’m also thinking that I would be awake longer on some days than on others.

And I don’t mean I don’t want to have work, just that I’d like to see how my life would go if I didn’t use clocks to determine my sleeping patterns. So I’d get up when I got up, and wake up and go to work when I was ready to work.

Theoretically I could try it out now, but I’m afraid I’d sleep in too long :>