Passing stories down to the next generation pointed me to The Remembering Site today. It’s a nonprofit website that helps people write their autobiographies.

The brainchild of [Dr. Sarah] McCue and biographer DG Fulford, The Remembering Site is a new non-profit initiative that allows anyone–anywhere–to create their online autobiography by answering a series of story-telling questions from birth to present day. When completed, the author can email the biography to loved ones, make it available for others to read online or even print paper or hardback copies.

“Writing a biography is not as daunting as it appears,” said McCue. “The way we have designed the site makes it easy, fun, and once you get into it, you just can’t stop.”

I would love not only to do this myself, but to get everyone in my family to do it. Mom and AJ might be more willing than Dad and Ben, but I want all of their stories. To get Grandma’s answers I might have to get the questions and take a tape recorder over to her place.

And not just family–I’d love to hear stories from Brooke and Mari, Sam and Hai and Dawn, Noelle…everyone.

Wouldn’t it be neat to have the life stories of the people you love written down?

That’s why I love blogs and blogging…the stories. I love being transported into someone else’s life. And I love the idea that the people I love can live on through their stories.

Apparently it’s $10 to sign up for the website. So that’ll be $10 for each person whose stories I want to hear. Definitely a worthwhile investment, but probably something I’ll have to do one person at a time…