Well, hello.

I’m kind of shocked that I haven’t posted yet today. I was pretty busy at work, and during my breaks all I did was chat and websurf, and I didn’t really take long breaks anyway…and after work I went straight to the Greeneway with Brooke, and we walked until it was dark, just like yesterday. When I got home I settled in and did some reading and ran some errands and made dinner, and we just ate, and now here I am.

Of course, I also uploaded pictures: yesterday’s and today’s.

frost on the roof of my car

power lines



power pole detail

tower of power

stately home

streaking headlights--hey, everybody's doing it

Those last two aren’t very good, but I felt bad for the last few pages in today’s gallery, as they weren’t getting much exposure ;> I am really happy with the lichen photos, though.