Denture dream

I had a bizarre dream last night about my teeth. They were really hurting, and then all of a sudden they started breaking apart. When I reached in to pull out the broken ones, the entire shelf of my teeth broke and came out in five parts. I discovered that my teeth were actually dentures.

I tugged out the broken dentures (the sensation was similar to what it felt like to take out my retainer, which I wore back in elementary school) and found that my real teeth were still there underneath. Some of them were horribly discolored–green–and others were covered up to the top by bizarre gum formations. My canines were long, splintery, and yellow, with strings of pink-red running through them. Still, I knew that these were my real teeth, and I hoped that if I brushed them regularly they’d go back to normal and be better than the dentures had been.

I wondered in the dream how long I’d had dentures and why they’d been glued in over my real teeth. This mystery was never solved.