I have a new job.

It’s a full time web publishing position. My hours are 10am to 7pm. I start tomorrow.

I’ll be making more money than I am currently, though not as much as I was in the too good to be true job I held for three weeks last year (;P).

It’s something I know I can do, but it will still be challenging. I won’t be trained; I have to teach myself how to do everything. It’s pretty much right up my alley, since I’m the type of person to figure stuff out on my own rather than have someone show me.

I’ll be working in an industry I haven’t worked in before, which will be interesting.

When I wrote the other day about seeing my time in a new light, I was also thinking about the freedom I’d be giving up if I accepted the position. I decided that a steady paycheck was more important at this point. I’m going to keep doing design on the side (and lusting after Adobe’s Creative Suite), but at this point I’m not prepared to depend on it for income.

Plus, I think this job is something that is varied enough to keep me interested, but not constantly demanding. I’m hoping it’s something I can do for a long time.