Ice festivals

I’ve known for awhile that Hokkaido has ice festivals. (And I really want to go to them!)

Today, via HappyNews, I discovered that Alaska has one too!

John Leguizamo will arrive by dog sled at an ice-carving festival in Fairbanks to open a park with characters from the upcoming sequel to his film ”Ice Age,” officials said.


Besides towering sculptures, the monthlong ice festival this year will feature huge carvings of Sid the sloth, voiced by Leguizamo, and other characters from the ”Ice Age” movies. The sequel opens March 31.

The Hollywood visit means more attention to the yearly ice art festival, considered a world-class competition. The event matches teams racing to create intricate carvings than can be as tall as 30 feet and weigh more than 22 tons.

I would love to try my hand at photographing ice and snow sculptures.