Indian food

I ran out of Slim-Fast earlier this week, so I’ve been having unhealthy breakfasts of McGriddle sandwiches and chocolate muffins. Today I decided to go to Publix and pick up something more nutritious.

As I was heading back to the fruit salads, I passed through the organic foods section. The frozen dinners caught my eye: pot pies, shepherd pies, salisbury steak, plus Thai, Chinese, and Indian selections. I picked out some Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch, then snagged some veggie chips kettle-cooked french onion chips and my fruit bowl and went to check out.

The lady at the checkout, Jyoti, has checked me out many times. Today she said, “You like spicy Indian food?”

“Yeah, it’s good,” I replied.

“You know there’s an Indian market where you can get ready-made dinners?”

“Really? Where?”

So now I know about Maharaja Foods & Imports on Washington Road (listed on this page). I’ll have to check it out!