Kyou Kara Maou 77, where the hell are you?

I was going to write “wherefore art thou”, but then I remembered that “wherefore” does not mean “where”. Duh.

In any case, I am very antsy.

I really wish I could screencap. I would have posted so many pictures from the last several episodes.

The Great Sage isn’t very attractive to me, but Shinou…drool. (Are they an item? I can’t tell with my rudimentary Japanese skills ;P) Lawrence Weller is also hot, but seeing as he’s basically Conrad with a different haircut, that’s not surprising.

(It’s a little silly that everyone conveniently has ancestors that look almost exactly like them, and use the same voice actors. I was glad to see Cecilie representing the Spitzweg family instead of Stoffel, though.

(Still waiting for the BIG REVEAL of the Wincott descendant. God, I love big reveals.)

Gah. I wish I lived in Japan. I would have seen the episode already!