Kyou Kara Maou 78 – FINAL


Once again, I must say: I really wish I could screencap.

The resolution seemed to come quickly, and then all of a sudden the decision was made and it was not the decision I was expecting. “Wait…it can’t end like that!” I protested.

And it didn’t! XD

There could absolutely be another series, if someone were so inclined. This time it would have to be a new enemy as opposed to an ancient one, I think. Maybe something on Earth!

I’m very pleased with this series. The whole thing. That doesn’t happen very often. Yay!

Now I will just have to wait for all the DVDs to come out here so I can see the episodes in widescreen…and, of course, hope for another series to be made in Japan.

Thanks, Kyou Kara Maou, Takabayashi Tomo, NHK, and the fansubbers, and Geneon, and the people who distribute raws, for giving me so much enjoyment over the past year. And a special thank you to Kevin for recommending the series in the first place!

P.S. I now know what maruma means.