New (to you) pics

Today I uploaded a bunch of old pictures to smugmug…basically filling in some gaps, like what on earth I was doing before the year 2005. We got our first digital camera in July of 2000, just in time for Faye and AJ’s wedding. This explains why the pictures generally start in 2000, even though none of the pictures currently in the 2000 subcategory were actually taken with the digital camera. :> Some of my other film pictures may yet exist at my parents’ house, but if so I will have to find them and scan them in before I can put them up anywhere. (Many of them only existed at the apartment, and are gone for good.)

I stopped at the beginning of 2003 because I got tired. A lot of the pictures I saw had stuff I lost in the fire in them, which was irritating, but it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might. Even when I saw my complete collection of Japan souvenirs from the 2001 trip (and some other stuff, like my Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit children’s tea set).

There aren’t really any spectacular photographs in these albums; they’re just life pictures, stuff I was doing at the time. You’ll see my second-ever visit to Sean, the trip to Texas, Connor wrapped in a ratty orange towel (so cute!), a freak hailstorm (these pics used to be up elsewhere on pixelscribbles, but I moved them), my surprise birthday visit to Sean, my engagement ring, and a massive party held the first time I visited Kentucky from Georgia. Missing are Logan’s birth in June 2003, Connor’s birthday in November 2003, a few get-togethers at our apartment in 2003, and all of 2004. I’ll put those up later ;P