Pluto has three moons!

Just so you know.

Reuters: Tiny, frozen Pluto adds to its moon family

Some three billion miles from the Sun, Pluto, the ninth planet, is the only one not yet to have been visited by a spacecraft.

Its first known satellite Charon was not discovered until 1978. With a diameter of 1,200 km, it is half that of Pluto — abnormally large for a moon in relation to its primary.

But now, using images from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists from Johns Hopkins University, Southwest Research Institute and the Massachussetts Institute of Technology say they have found two more tiny orbiting satellites, P1 and P2.

Both are travelling outside the orbit of Charon and are tiny by comparison, the scientists wrote in the journal Nature.

I bet there are all kinds of tiny things orbiting Pluto. Would an object the size of a baseball still be considered a moon? ;>