The "Too Much Information" "meme"

They’re questionnaires, dammit.

Amy at Blue Lotus asked for volunteers, and I hastily responded, as is my wont.

I think “Too Much Information” is sort of a misnomer, because as I understand it, I am to list 10 “revealing/odd/interesting/random facts about me”. It’s really only TMI if I make it TMI, don’t you think?

The trick will be to write things that I haven’t mentioned before! Hmmmmm.

1. One time when I was mad at AJ for borrowing something of mine without permission, I decided to trash his room. Except I barely got started when I started to feel guilty. I was going to throw a CD, but I knew that might scratch and damage it, so instead I hung it from the wall by a tack, with the scratchable side out so it wouldn’t rub against the wall. Vengeance was mine!

2. I like prunes.

3. I love dishes. Very often when I’m out shopping, I will fall in love with a bowl or cup and want to buy it immediately. Occasionally I succumb.

4. Yesterday I changed the greeting message on my cell phone from “Hi Heather!” to “Kyou Kara Maou!”, and wished my phone supported Japanese text.

5. Speaking of Kyou Kara Maou…over the weekend Sean noticed that I changed my Windows XP user account pictures to pictures of Yuuri, and said, “You want to leave me for Yuuri, don’t you?” I responded, “No…it’s more like I want to be Yuuri.” “Oh,” Sean said, “you want to leave me for Conrad, then.”

6. I can’t breathe through my nose right now.

7. I believe that I could make an awesome webcomic if I committed myself to it. Including the art. Yes, I’m that egotistical!

8. I absolutely adore the Super Mario Bros. remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”. It’s really the only way I’ll listen to the song ;>

9. My first memory of sneaking food is from when I was really young and we lived in the trailer. I stole cookies out of the cookie jar and hid them behind something on a shelf. Later when I went back to eat them, they were covered with ants.

10. I’m thinking of going into business for myself as a page and Web designer.

Okay, I really can’t breathe out of my nose, and it’s driving me nuts. So I’m going to post this and find some decongestant!

[Edit 9:05 pm:] I forgot to tag people. Hyper, Roderick, Jered, Charles, Ross. Go! (Can you guess the theme involved in that list of people?)