There’s too much news @_@

Whew, what a day.

It seemed like it was nonstop from the moment I arrived at work.

First I had to put up the videos I hadn’t had time for on Friday. Then I had to do stories and videos for the weekend. There were other miscellaneous updates to do. I started amassing information for the 5 and 6 pm updates as early as possible, and ended up working through lunch. (I ate a turkey and Swiss sandwich, a yogurt, and a peanut butter and chocolate chunk granola bar while I worked.)

The news meeting at 2:30 was a nice reprieve, and, just like on Friday, I enjoyed hearing how the news got discussed and planned for dissemination. After the meeting I threw together the web content for 5 and managed to get it all done before the news aired. Then I was free to pay attention to recording the live broadcast, and then snagging clips from it. I put together the 6 o’clock news quickly too, but I had to wait for the encoded video to upload to the server, so I wasn’t able to do clips until 6:45 or so. If I make shorter video encodes they upload faster, but I was busy with text stuff during the 6:00 broadcast and didn’t stop the recording during the commercials.

Ultimately I did get pretty much everything done that I needed to. I also learned a few more things about the job and what I have to accomplish. There’s kind of a schedule for certain kinds of content. It’s not just the same thing every day. That’s nice, as it keeps things new.

I realized today that I really have to have a good idea of what’s going on in local news to do my job well. That’s fine with me, though.

The most exciting part of my day was when a breaking news story came up at the meeting and I got to put it on the website. It was kind of thrilling to be one of the first ways people might have heard about the story.