Will write fangirl posts for manga

Check out my new Wish List! It’s over on Amazon.co.jp, and currently is filled with the Maru Ma manga. X) Shoji Kawamori Macross Design Works is still on there from several years ago, too…I wouldn’t mind having that again, but my main priority is more Shibuya Yuuri.

Apparently there’s a character in the manga/novels who wasn’t in the anime. His name is Badwic, and you can see him at the bottom of this page. I don’t have time to mess with a full translation right now, but my limited Japanese ability indicates that he has something to do with the study of women’s fiction in Shin Makoku. Maybe he’s the publisher of Anissina’s books, I dunno.

Time for bed!

(P.S. 460 yen is, like, $3.96. Just so you know.)