A totally awesome, exhausting day

In a burst of ecstatic shopping, I have acquired quite a few of the things on my list for the apartment. I’m pretty much set on kitchen stuff (though it occurred to me belatedly that I also need kitchen towels and washrags). I didn’t get the glass bakeware yet because I have a weird feeling like I already have some. It’s probably all in my head, but just to be safe I’m going to wait until I’ve unpacked everything.

I met up with Mari, Bonnie (Mari’s mother), and Brooke at Hair Cuttery, where Mari was having her hair done. After that was finished we went and had a late lunch at the cajun place in the food court–it was so good. I had the bourbon chicken.

We checked out Payless in the mall, and I found some absolutely beautiful high heeled sandals. They fit perfectly and were easy to walk in. I was so ecstatic that I refused to take them off until I showed them to Brooke.

“Look at these shoes!” I said.

“Yeah, I have those,” she said.

“They’re so pretty!” I said, not quite comprehending.

“Yeah, those are the ones Dorothy was trying on at my house that one time, that I bought thinking I’d wear them to the opera.”

Thud. I’ve done it again! When I was in college, my roommate bought a dress, and I advised her on the color. Then I later bought the same dress without realizing it, in the other color, and she accused me of doing it on purpose.

“Are you going to get them?”

“Oh…I don’t want to like wear the same shoes as you and outshine you or something,” I said (because despite my very real concern, I can’t help ribbing Brooke. It comes as naturally to me as breathing).

“Don’t worry girl, you could never outshine me,” she responded, and that was that. I bought the shoes ;>

After a quick stop at American Cookie Company (because apparently such a stop is required by law), and then a visit to Brooke’s mom at Macy’s, we headed over to Target. I mainly just wanted to eyeball their furniture to get an idea of what I might want for the living room and bedroom, but we also perused the purses and the exercise equipment.

When I realized it was 5:15, I headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Since I had a gift card (thanks to the generosity of a previous employer), that was where I wanted to do the majority of my shopping, and I was afraid that it would close at 6. (It actually closed at 7.) Mari and her entourage stuck around at Target, looking at shoes (I think).

It turned out that I hadn’t thought of everything I would need. I got some ceramic containers for dry goods, a scrub brush for doing dishes, and a potato peeler. From the list, I got glasses (a nice set of rounded-square glasses with an intentionally non-flat bottom–the “flaw” intrigued me), a cutting board, wooden spoons, spatulas, and a lovely wok, complete with lid and complimentary bamboo steamer. (The first wok I saw was $100. I’m not insane. This one was a far more reasonable $35.)

I saw a couple of other things I wanted–a dish drainer and a beautiful tea kettle–but I decided to wait on the drainer until I knew the dimensions of my counter, and on the kettle because it’s not a necessity.

While I was shopping, Brooke called to say that they were heading to the nearby Payless, so when I was finished I met up with them. Brooke and Mari both bought a zillion shoes.

Then we decided to go to Michael’s; Mari wanted to look for some flowers and feathers for a spring wreath she was making for her house, and I doubt Brooke would ever turn down a chance to go to Michael’s. She even used to work there. So we headed over.

At first I just observed their shopping, and vainly attempted to slake my all-consuming thirst at the water fountain, but after awhile I decided to indulge in a few unnecessary things: two candles, a candle holder, and a decorative box. When I showed them to Brooke, she was like, “Do you need that?”

Which is funny, because usually she’s the one who says, “Go on, buy it, girl!”

I think we decided it was a case of sour grapes, though ;> Since she’s moving to England next year, she can’t buy decorating stuff anymore. (Well, “can’t” isn’t the right word. It’s more like she decided it wasn’t prudent to keep buying a bunch of stuff until she’s there, in England, with a better idea of what she has to work with. Which makes a lot of sense. But it has to be annoying. I mean, all three of us–me, Mari, and Brooke–are the type who like to organize and plan and design and decorate. Brooke probably feels like her hands are tied. …just like how I’ve felt these past six months!)

So finally the store closed and we checked out, and Mari and her mom headed out their own way and I drove Brooke back to her car. It had been a long day already, and my feet were killing me…but I still had to get groceries!

So I went to Wal-Mart in Evans. In addition to the typical grocery stuff, I got two shower curtains, two sets of shower curtain hooks, and two “allergy reducing” pillows. Now we will be able to bathe and sleep in our apartment! Yay!

It was a really fun day. I’m so glad to have this much of my shopping out of the way, since I don’t have a lot of time left to do it. As you know, next weekend is the Washington roadtrip, and the weekend after that is the move…and I work until 7 pm, and right now I’m doing contract work in the morning before work. So really my weekdays are full, because when I get home all I want to do is sit around online for a bit and then go to sleep. (Thursday, the bridesmaid dress thing, is going to be interesting.)

I think I can wait to get the rest of the little items until we’re moved in and I have a better idea of a decorating style. The kitchen stuff I bought today is all shiny silver metal and black–I don’t like brushed aluminum/whatever anymore because it’s so ugly when fingerprints get on it. Plus, my new pots and pans are shiny. So that’ll be my general theme, and then I’ll add splashes of color here and there. I have no idea about the rest of the rooms, but I imagine a lot will depend on what the furniture we’re getting looks like.

Whee, plans…so much to do…

I’m so happy right now :)