A zillion pictures

I’ve put up pictures from the last few days: Thursday’s lunch at the Greeneway; yesterday’s day trip to Washington, Georgia to check out a possible wedding site for Brooke and David; and Alchemy’s Southern Oasis hafla, which took place last night. I did take some pictures on Friday to go along with my “podcast”, but when I was uploading pictures last night I decided that all of those pictures sucked. It was too bright out.

me at the Greeneway

Lunch Thursday was nice. I went to North Augusta’s Publix and grabbed some sushi (which I dropped on the floor, but it still tasted good. It was still safe inside its package). Then I headed over to Martintown Road and sat on a bench and ate it.

flowers at Washington Plantation

The flowers were just starting to bloom in Washington, just like here in Augusta. This is the most prominent flower we saw.

the front of Washington Plantation

The plantation home itself was beautiful, well-maintained but with that old-house feel.

bendy Mari

As usual, it was tough to get bellydance pictures in the low light. Everyone has red-eye, which I did not bother to try and correct. And the costumes are difficult to make out. But some of the pictures are decent. There’s also a little movie in there of Ame spinning around with a sword on her head! (I stuck it at the end to better facilitate slideshows.)