Bloody pirates

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean today for the first time. What a fun movie! I didn’t know anything about the plot, so I had no idea what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack Sparrow–excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow–is such a cool character. When the movie first came out I saw some promo pictures, and all I could think was that he looked a little weird, what with the mascara. But in the movie it works! (What is it with Johnny Depp and makeup?)

Keira Knightley is purdy.

And the music is pretty good. I hadn’t heard of Klaus Badelt before. Based solely on the driving theme of the ships (and the fact that Disney used him for The Lion King), I guessed Hans Zimmer. I was wrong!

I do agree with Mari that the corset aspects of the plot were pretty stupid. I guess they would be cute and funny if you didn’t know anything about corsets.

The IMDb has some fun facts about the movie.