Friday’s lunch

I went to the Bee’s Knees yesterday for lunch, to celebrate my first paycheck and my first two weeks of work. (Which reminds me, I forgot to turn in my timesheet yesterday…blah.)

This time I had the Spicy Crab sandwich, which was quite delicious.

Spicy Crab...mmm

It is really nice to be working so close to downtown, with quick access to my favorite restaurants, and in North Augusta, close to my favorite parks and trails. My plan is to join the Riverview Park Activities Center so that I can go there before or after work to work out.

I also want to buy a car that is big enough for my bike to fit inside–Mari is able to fit her bike inside her PT Cruiser, so that’s what I’m leaning towards right now. With that, I can bring my bike with me for a morning ride and then not feel paranoid that something will happen to it while I’m at work and it’s sitting outside.