I’m feeling a little sleepy.

Usually I go somewhere to eat lunch, but today I just stayed at my desk. No particular reason, really. I microwaved my Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken, then just sat here and ate it. Then I ate most of the rest of my lunch, while reading Book-A-Minute (they never get old). Now I’m just piddling away the last 15 minutes of my lunchbreak.

This morning I got up at 6. I actually woke up at 4:44, and considered getting out of bed, but instead I kind of lay there for the next hour and fifteen minutes, finally getting up just in time to catch my alarm when it went off.

The main thing I worked on this morning was designing a logo. We basically have the idea down, but it’ll take some tweaking to finalize.

Then I came to work, and caught up on the weekend news stories, and did some extra things, and started on a section for Masters coverage.

I’d kind of like to take a nap!