I dropped my lens cap into the Savannah River today.

see the lens cap in the lower left?

When I told Sean, he didn’t even blink. Without hesitation he responded, “That was coming.”

Isn’t he sweet?

I’d been working my way up the Riverwalk from St. Paul’s, taking pictures.



purple flower

I stopped to get some shots of the river and that’s when my lens cap sprang out of my hand and fell into the water.

Unruffled (though I will admit to a curse word), I simply climbed down the rocks to the beach, took off my shoes and socks, waded into the river and snagged the floating bit of plastic.

Then I stayed and had lunch on the rocks while I waited for the lens cap and my feet to dry. I shared half my sandwich bread with the seagulls and little black ducks, and spent the remainder of my memory card snapping pictures of them as they converged on the crumbs.