Me so happy

After work I went straight over to the apartment and took all the stuff out of my car that has been sitting there waiting for us to have a place to put it. Then I came back to the in-laws’ and stocked my car full: all my clothes, paperwork, cooking supplies, and other random things I had lying around the house. I didn’t get everything, but I got quite a chunk.

As might be expected, I took pictures.

look at my beautiful kitchen!

baking supplies

I think I need a step stool for that kitchen. But I have so much more space than I did at Springhouse! Very, very nice.

And oh yeah, there are other rooms too ;>

Tomorrow is the big moving day. I have to be up at 7 or so and out of the house by 7:40, because that’s when the guy who is giving us the sofa, chair, and china cabinet wants us to meet him and pick them up. I live to accomodate the man with all the furniture ;D At some point after that the washer and dryer will be delivered, and at some point after that we’ll head over to Will and Sarah’s and get the bed. After that I will just need to collect the TV from Audrey’s basement, and I think that will be everything that people have offered us.

It’s looking like I will need to buy a chest of drawers. Right now I just have my clothes in a laundry basket. I’m thinking Big Lots, but we’ll see.