My first week of work

Well, I’ve made it through my first week.

I’m hesitant to say this because I might jinx it, but what the hell:

I love my job.

It is really exciting to be a part of disseminating the news, and fascinating to hear all the stuff that doesn’t get on the air. I love the editorial control I have over the website, and I love the responsibility of my position. I’m getting into a groove already with the work, so I’m able to pace myself and make time for side projects, like adding features to the site or making custom graphics. It is really great to have a set schedule of things that absolutely have to be done, but yet have so many things different day to day. (For example: there are recurring segments on some days, but reporter packages are always different.)

It’s fast-paced and I have a lot of responsibility. I feel important, and it’s obvious that what I do matters very much.

Yesterday someone in the newsroom said to me, “You’re doing a great job!”

I’m really excited about this. Not just because I finally have a decent-paying job, but because this is something I can actually see myself doing long-term. I am far too old to keep bouncing around from job to job looking for something I like. I need to get settled in and start planning for the future. Up until I got this job, I couldn’t imagine really doing that. I didn’t think I would ever find a job I could stand for years and years.

Happily, I stand corrected.

It’s possible that the newness might fade after awhile and I might get to the point that I’m bored or dissatisfied, but I’m optimistic that those effects will be lower than they’ve been at other jobs due to the fact that so much is new every day. There’s always something different going on. And being responsible for the whole website means I can always be tweaking something, which really satisfies my OCD.

In all, I’m very happy, and I look forward to a long career with this TV station.