Wow, I am so sore

I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning :> But moving around helps.

Right now I’m sitting on the floor next to the kitchen, reading webcomics and eating leftover Chinese food from the other day. The dishwasher is running, scouring the lovely dishes Aunt Carol gave us, along with one place setting of the beautiful dishes someone at Sean’s work gave us. He still needs to bring the rest of them from work.

I’ve got a few errands to run today. First, I need to take some stuff to Goodwill that we accumulated but ultimately decided we don’t want. Second, I need to get over to Wal-Mart and snag a few essentials that I somehow forgot–like dish towels. And finally, Sean and I are going to a furniture store to see about a dining room table, some end tables for the living room, a TV stand, and a bedroom suite. We have the bed Will gave us, but we decided we’d like a king-sized bed, and we need a chest of drawers anyway, so there you have it.

We’ll be using the kotatsu for a coffee table. With the shape of the room, using it as the dining room table wouldn’t quite work, but that’s okay. I don’t know that all my friends and family would be ecstatic about eating on the floor, anyway ;>

I’ll have more pictures later.

Update 1:25: More pictures start here. I’m off to run my errands!