Cleaning out comics

I’ve gotten rid of comics in my Webcomics list that either have been on hiatus forever or don’t update on a regular schedule. I don’t mind comics that update once a month or once a week or twice a week, as long as it’s mostly consistent…but comics that update “whenever the artist feels like it” (which usually translates to “once in a blue moon”) get on my nerves after awhile.

And comics that claim to have a regular schedule but then never update annoy the hell out of me.

So goodbye, comic that has been filled with nothing but cat photos for the last I don’t know how long.

Goodbye, comic whose site’s been down all week and which hardly ever updates anyway.

Goodbye, comic whose claim of “rapid-fire reruns” is absolutely false.

Goodbye, awesome comic that I’ve followed for years.

Goodbye, comic that started out strong but then went the way of the author’s other comic.

Goodbye, extraordinarily pretty comic of a friend-of-a-friend.

I’m open to replacement suggestions. If you know of any good, stable webcomics, let me know!


If you can guess the comics above, I’ll draw a picture for you of whatever you want and post it here, and you can see why I don’t have a webcomic of my own.

Post your guesses in the comments! Whoever gets the most right by, oh, Monday night will be the winner, unless someone gets them all right before that, in which case that person will be the winner.