Don’t worry, be happy

Today didn’t start off well.

I didn’t feel that I’d gotten enough sleep, even though I did wake up naturally right before my alarm, as I’ve been doing this week. I didn’t want to get up, so even after my alarm, I stayed in bed, not getting up until around 8.

The thought of going to work did not thrill me; I wanted to keep sleeping.

In the shower, I remembered that I still hadn’t bought any soap. We’ve been out for a couple days now. I bathed with my face wash.

“Heather,” Sean yelled later, as I was sitting at my computer reading news. He only calls me Heather to get my attention. He calls me Honey when he thinks I’ve done/said something silly/wrong/stupid, and he calls me Baby at all other times. Now you know the code!

I knew instantly it was about the soap, and I was annoyed. Surely he should know that I hadn’t bought any soap. Had he seen me leave the house the previous night? No. And I don’t have a car other than his, so I felt it should have been pretty obvious.

So I headed back there and told him there was no soap and that he should use his hand soap, and he resignedly shut the door.

Irritated, I drove to Eckerd and bought some soap while he showered.

I spent the rest of my before-work time grousing about how inconvenient my life is and how I have to do everything. Finally, in the car, I shared my feelings with Sean and worked towards a solution. But I was still unhappy when I got to work.

Then, as I was flipping on the light, I thought, We choose our mental state. I choose to make this a good day.

I know this works, but I’m always surprised when it does. After that I was cheerful, humming and singing to myself. I even called Audioblogger to record a song, which should show up eventually. :>

My day has only just begun. But it’s going to be a good one!