Even more flower pictures (you can’t get enough of them, right?)

I went for another walk around the station today (okay, fine, technically yesterday…I’m rarely up this late these days). This time, instead of going down Georgia Avenue to Martintown, I just ran across the street to Observation Way.

The lighting was much better for pictures than it was Thursday.

After awhile of shooting things I’d already taken pictures of, I turned down Sidereal Avenue to see what was back there. The houses were neat, and the yards were more farm-like than those of the houses along Observation. It felt kind of like being in a forest. At the corner, before Sidereal turned back towards Georgia Avenue, there was a trail leading off into the woods. It was the kind of trail that made you think it was really a natural stream that happened to be dry at the time. I wanted to explore it, but seeing as it was likely private property I curbed my natural instincts and turned the other way instead.

off the beaten track

I followed Sidereal across the street and past the funeral home again, and when I got to the back street that leads to the station, I went the wrong way, eventually finding a street filled with wisteria. I’d seen it before, on my first walk from the station, back when I didn’t have my camera. This time I took plenty of pictures.

damn kids!  keep outta my yard!

I also got my best-ever pictures of bees in flowers.

(Hey, I said my best-ever.)

There are plenty more pictures here.