Iraqis are not unwashed, do not live in hovels

Sunshine posts for the information of everyone getting their images of Iraq from “the media”:

The thing that bothers me so much is the MEDIA, all the Medias, American’s, Iraqi’s, Arabians’…, they DO NOT show the real life in Iraq, specially the citizens’ real state of affairs, they always show an old woman with Abaya, a dirty child, or an old man wear ripped dress (Dishdasha) & slipper . Showing that these people represents the Iraqis! Don’t you see that often?!
Even when there is a questionnaire, the media do not ask a doctor, nor an engineer, teacher or any educated citizen, they do not go to a university or a hospital. They go to indigent neighborhoods & ask a cadger or a sloven woman & make the people round the world believe that we are all like that, it is unfair at all, why do the Medias do that?! I think they do that for certain purposes, maybe to make the other people feel sorry for us?! I got many E-mails saying that they had been shocked when they saw my sister & my brother’s photographs. Well it is not weird at all; all the children in my family and in other families look beautiful, clean, & healthy.
Few months ago I got an E-mail from a reader, he said that he was surprised when he saw the number of the Iraqi bloggers who write in English, So many people in Iraq speak English (it’s the second language here, we start taking English lessons in the 5th class primary school), I take private French lessons every Friday as well. I would like to learn other languages in the future.
This bad image that most of the people have for the Iraqis, related to the untruthful Medias , I wish I can start my own media , but unfortunately , I don’t have that much money , maybe in the future , who knows ?!!
Few weeks ago I was reading some articles wrote about Iraq, they contained some pics for Iraqi children who were dirty , I do not think that they ever had a shower, they were wearing ripped clothes, and shoeless, I got so mad , the people who might read this article would think that ALL THE CHILDREN IN IRAQ LOOK LIKE THAT .

Check out the pictures in her post. She has a lovely home :)