I basically spent this weekend organizing photos over at my smugmug.

I moved a gallery of Augusta photos from Travel to Exploring, because it doesn’t count as travel because I was living in Augusta at the time. I only had it like that because there were several different galleries; moving it involved putting all the pictures into one gallery, something I hadn’t felt like doing until now.

I added the pictures from when I went to Savannah with Aunt Bev and Cary to Travel. Unfortunately, these are smaller-size, watermarked versions that I’d had up on the Aubrey Family page. The original versions were lost in the fire.

I added a lot of keywords, including the state the picture was taken in. I realized belatedly that I could have been using multiple-word keywords this whole time, but it’s too late now. Unless smugmug comes out with a way to change the name of a keyword, I’m just going to have “southcarolina” and “northaugusta” in there ;P

(There is another unless: unless I suddenly get the urge to change them all manually. You never know. It could happen.)

I still wish smugmug allowed sub-sub-categories. A glance at my Travel page will tell you why. For that matter, so will a glance at most of my Life subcategories.

Ah well.