Well, I haven’t talked about Kyou Kara Maou in awhile

I’m trying to figure out if Shibuya Shori’s name is an elaborate pun.

You see, the word shouri in Japanese can mean “victory”, which could be a reference to how Miko first pronounced her husband’s first name–Kachiuma, or “winning horse”, rather than Shouma. (She still calls him Kachiuma occasionally.) So they take the sound she got wrong, but change the ending so it means the same thing.

Shouri can also mean “commercial profit”. At the beginning of the series, Yuuri explains in a narrative thought that his mother didn’t name him “Yuuri” because his dad’s a banker–yuuri, meaning “advantageous”, can have a connotation of profit.

So Shori’s name could have a double meaning, in-jokes for the family.

But the only way for that to be the case is for Shori’s name to have a long o sound, and I’m not sure if it does or not. I haven’t been able to find his name written in Japanese anywhere, so I’m unable to check my theory.

(A “cute” note–they took the first part of Shouma’s name for Shori’s name, and then they took the last part of Shori’s name for Yuuri’s name. Awww.

(And to go beyond the bounds of ridiculousness: shou can mean “wound”, and yuu can mean “heroism”. Yuu can mean a whole lot of other things, though, and I think I’m probably reading a little too much in.)